Knowledge Graph-Driven Conversational Agents

Devin Conathan, Joseph Bockhorst, Glenn Fung

Workshop on Machine learning and Knowledge representation. Neurips 2019.

Optimizing Nondecomposable Data Dependent Regularizers via Lagrangian Reparameterization offers Significant Performance and Efficiency Gains

Sathya N. RaviAbhay VenkateshGlenn Moo FungVikas Singh

Oral presentation at AAAI 2019.

Learning New Intents for Conversational Agents with Few Examples: An Optimal Embedding Approach

Shailesh Acharya, Glenn Fung

Submitted. Dec. 2019

Human-In-The-Loop Topic Discovery with Word Embedding LDA for Insurance Applications
Eric Bunch, Glenn Fung, Qian You

Submitted. Sep. 2019

Predicting Customer Satisfaction after Phone Interactions: A GNN Approach

Teja Kanchinadam, Zihang Meng, Joseph Bockhorst, Vikas Singh, Glenn Fung

Submitted. Sep. 2019

Mileage Extraction from Odometer Readings

Shialesh Acharya, Glenn Fung

Frontiers journal. Special issue: Artificial Intelligence in Insurance and Finance. Accepted . Nov. 2019

Approximating the Convex Hull via Metric Space Magnitude

Eric Bunch, Dan Dickinson, Glenn Fung

arXiv:1908.02692 [math.AT]

Active Learning for Text Classification using Rationales

Teja Kanchinadam, Rick Lentz, Qian You, Glenn Fung

Poster presented at Midwest Machine Learning Symposium (MMLS), June 2019

Applications of Metric Space Magnitude to Machine Learning

Eric Bunch, Dan Dickinson, Glenn Fung

Conference poster presented at The 1st Midwest Graduate Student Conference: Geometry and Topology meet Data Analysis and Machine Learning, June 2019

Designing and Deploying Insurance Recommender Systems Using Machine Learning

Maleeha Qazi, Kaya Tollas, Teja Kanchinadam, Glenn Fung

Wires Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery , To appear. April 2019.

Enterprise-scale conversational agents with knowledge graphs, entity refinement and dynamic conversation flows

Joseph Bockhorst, Devin Conathan, Glenn Fung

Technical report, Feb 2019.

Entity Matching Meets Data Science: A Progress Report from the Magellan Project

Yash Govind, Pradap Konda2, Paul Suganthan, Philip Martinkus, Palaniappan Nagarajan, Aravind Soundararajan, Han Li , Sidharth Mudgal, Jeffrey R. Ballard, Haojun Zhang, Adel Ardalan, Sanjib Das, Derek Paulsen, Amanpreet Saini, Erik Paulson, Youngchoon Park, Marshall Carter, Mingju Sun, Glenn M. Fung, AnHai Doan.

SIGMOD 2019, Feb 2019


Using Discriminative Graphical Models for Insurance Recommender Systems

Teja Kanchinadam, Maleeha Qazi, Joseph Bockhorst, Mary Morell, Katie Meissner, Glenn Fung

17th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), Dec 2018 (Submitted March 2018)

Ordinal Regression using Noisy Pairwise Comparisons for Quetelet Range Estimation

Luisa Polania, Dongning Wang, Glenn Fung

Winter conference on Applications of Computer Vision. WACV 2019, Sept. 2018

Probabilistic-logic Bots for Efficient Evaluation of Business Rules Using Conversational interfaces

Joseph Bockhorst, Devin Conathan, Glenn Fung

The 31st Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI 2019). Sept, 2018. 

SDM 2018. Poster @ First workshop on AI in insurance, May 2018.

Discovering Temporal Patterns from Insurance Interaction Data

Maleeha Qazi, Srinivas Tunuguntla, Peng Lee, Teja Kanchinadam, Neeraj Arora, Glenn Fung

The 31st Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI 2019). Sept, 2018

Optimal Word Embeddings for Text Classification Representations

Sukrat Gupta, Teja Kanchinadam, Devin Conathan, Glenn Fung

ALT 2019. Submitted, Sept. 2018

Cloudmatcher:  A Hands-off Cloud/Crowd Service for Entity Matching

Yash Govind, Erik Paulson, Palaniappan Nagarajan, Paul Suganthan, AnHai Doan, Youngchoon Park, Glenn Fung, Devin Conathan, Marshall Carter, Mingju Sun

Proc. VLDB Endow., 2018, Aug. 2018.

Efficient Relative Attribute Learning using Graph Neural Networks

Zihang Meng, Nagesh Adluru, Hyunwoo J. Kim, Glenn Fung, Vikas Singh

European conference in computer vision 2018 (ECCV), 2018, May 2018.

Learning View Invariant Semantic Segmentation for UAV Video Sequences

Abhay Venkatesh, Glenn Fung, Vikas Singh

SDM 2018. First workshop on AI in insurance, May 2018

RoCKET: Robust Classification and Knowledge Extraction from Text

Glenn Fung, Devin Conathan, Sukrat Gupta, Shi Yu, Luisa Polania

SDM 2018. First workshop on AI in insurance, May 2018

An Active Learning-Driven Model for Subtle Sentiment Analysis

Sukrat Gupta, Glenn Fung

SDM 2018. First workshop on AI in insurance, May 2018

Active Sparse Feature Selection Using Deep Convolutional Features for Image Retrieval

Devin Conathan, Urvashi Oswal, Robert Nowak

SDM 2018. First workshop on AI in insurance, May 2018

Compressed Sensing ECG using Restricted Boltzmann Machines

Luisa Polania, Rafael Plaza

Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (Elsevier Journal), Jan 2018.


Group-Level Emotion Recognition using Deep Models on Image Scene, Faces, and Skeletons

Xin Guo, Luisa Polania, Kenneth Barner

19th International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI), Nov 13-17, 2017

T-patterns in Business

Neeraj Arora, Srinivas Tunuguntla, Glenn Fung

SSRN (, Sept. 2017

An Insurance Recommendation System Using Bayesian Networks

Maleeha Qazi, Glenn Fung, Katie J. Meissner, Eduardo R. Fontes

ACM RecSys, Aug. 27-31, 2017

Predicting Self-reported Customer Satisfaction of Interactions with a Corporate Call Center

Joseph Bockhorst, Shi Yu, Luisa Polania, Glenn Fung

The European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML), Aug. 2017

Exploiting Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Deep Belief Networks in Compressed Sensing

Luisa Polania, Kenneth Barner

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Jun. 2017


Using Temporal Discovery and Data-Driven Journey-Maps to Predict Customer Satisfaction

Joe Bockhorst, Yingjian Wang, Sukrat Gupta, Maleeha Qazi, Mingju Sun, Glenn Fung

15th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), Dec. 2016


Unsupervised and Semisupervised Classification via Absolute Value Inequalities

Glenn Fung, Olvi Mangasarian

Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 168(2) 2016, 551-558, May 2014

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